Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cisco DHCP options for Nortel IP Phones

This took longer to track down via google than it should have when I was looking. So here it is simple and to the point for running Nortel IP Phones with cisco DHCP:

dhcpd option 128 ascii Nortel-i2004-A,,1,1;,1,10. interface inside

I used examples of s1: and s2: Of course your IPs will substitute there.

One thing to note, if you have a certain model of Nortel system (or have changed the listening port on yours) the 4100 in the command will of course be a different port...

here's the syntax:


“A” = the Hardware Revision of the i2004 Phone
“iii.iii.iii.iii” = the IP Address of the Call Server (S1 or S2)
“ppppp” = port number for the Call Server
“aaa” = the Action for the Server
“rrr” = the Retry Count for the Server

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