Monday, April 11, 2011

Sales Emails Yes. Sales Calls No.

So yes I understand you're trying to sell your product, but I just spent 2.5 minutes on the phone with you (which was pretty short for a sales call) when I have zero interest in your product. I wasted both your time and mine as well as broken my train of thought on whatever I was doing. A couple of calls and I've wasted about 30 minutes of work time.

Whereas if you send me an email I can within about 5-10 seconds determine if I have any interest in your product, as well as have that email to reference down the road if something comes up. Oh yeah I remember getting an email about a solution for that...

So please, spend less time on cold calls and more time on 1) sending out informative emails, 2) responding quickly to sales information requests, and 3) educating your sales force more about your product.

Now, back to work.

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